Free hampers for local clubs or community groups.

Here at FreshChoice Epsom we are proud to support and work with our local community groups, clubs and schools where we can. At our Half Moon Bay Supermarket we have given over $75,000 to the local community since opening in 2012. Being owner operated, we have the flexibility to donate, sponsor and support local community initiatives ranging from institutions to individuals. From the Burns Association to Camp Quality (Cancer camp run by teenagers) to local schools and clubs, or individuals who just need a helping hand.

We have over 100 hampers, each valued at up to $150 that we would like to offer as a raffle prize to generate funds for any local community projects or initiatives. If you wish to apply please request a form at the checkout in-store or download this printable version and hand in the completed application to the customer service desk. 

Offer extended to local clubs, community groups, schools and not for profit organisations. 

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